What is Gumbynet?

Gumbynet is a number of things

1) It's a waaay old group of people interested in network experimentation.
2) It's a software repository for that group of people
3) It's a cool domain name ;)


Historically, Gumbynet supported an IRC Network, a MUD, and provided DNS and web-hosting services for a number of non-profit tech groups. Today, it is simply a group of software developers using it as a common repository for their code.

Current Projects:

jNetD jNetD is a java-oriented replacement for linux's inetd. Allowing multiple 'services' to be loaded into the daemon, and pools of those services kept to service requests on specified TCP Ports.
jSMTPD JSMTPD is intended to be a light-weight mail server which provides a configuration format which is a hybrid of Obtuse SMTPD and Sendmail. Written in Java as a test of jNetD and Java's TCP handling speed, so far it is kicking sendmail's butt on mail queuing! (200 messages/second per TCP stream)
Carnivore Carnivore is a host monitoring and reporting tool. Modelled after Big Brother, but intended to be a more reliable real-time reporting tool, Carnivore is a multi-part system. The Monitoring side of the tool runs as its own system process, utilising a JDBC database connection as its configuration source and reporting log. The Management side of the system is a Nexus module, allowing both HTTP and Nexus access to the system.
Nexus Nexus is a light-weight client-server framework, built somewhat like EJB, but without the associated speed overheads. Tested to 2200 requests/second on a PIII-1GHz, it is used as the Client-Server framework for all of Gumbynet's client-server java projects.


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